Ubuntu laptop

This New-to-Me ™ task went waaaay over the “couple hours” test. Every attempt at installing Linux took a couple hours, followed by troubleshooting, followed by trying again. I was honestly on my last attempt before writing up an “I failed” post.

First I tried Ubuntu on old desktop.  This was frustrated by hardware issues – a slow CD-Rom and a flaky monitor. After fighting this for a couple days, I dug through a closet and found an even older laptop. I also switched over to Debian Linux.

Auto install failed repeatedly, so I went back to the step-by-step install process to find where it was failing – um, right at the start. It couldn’t decide what resolution to use for the display, so it would just stop there.

After I fixed that, the machine was running and I could use Recovery mode to get to a command line, but when I tried to start the GUI, it would go to a blank screen. Also, I could ping it (via Ethernet connection), but it would refuse ssh or telnet sessions.

I lost patience and decided to try Xubuntu.  Luckily this one failed quickly so I didn’t waste a lot of time on it. The old laptop did not have enough memory for this version of Linux.

Soooo, back to Ubuntu, this time on the laptop instead of the desktop. Install failed. An error message said it may be a corrupt install disk, or too high of temperature? This was a disk I got from Annette that she had used successfully, so I didn’t think it was corrupt. I was ready to quit, but I couldn’t bear the idea that I might have lost to a thermometer. So I started the install again, but turned the laptop upside down to help heat escape out of the vents in the bottom of it.

Ta Da!!  It installed!

I should probably go back and update the Installation Guide wiki to add the “Turn Laptop upside down” step. {OK, MAYBE it was just a CD-Rom read error before, and it would have worked right-side up. But what fun would that be.}

Oh no! Now I have to upgrade to version 12.  Fingers crossed!


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